Who is Kudacart?

Who is Kudacart?

Kudacart Fine Food PLT is an online fine food company established in year 2020. It is a sister company of Bloom2u Floral Sdn Bhd. Sometimes, you will some of the fine food products are sold on the bloom2u website especially when we try to establish kudacart.com 

What does Kudacart means?

The word kuda means horse in Malay. Horse is a way of transport for long time in the history of mankind. Cart is the cart behind the horse. That was how in the past mankind use it to transport goods from one area to another. We wants people to understand this classy approach to represent our brand, where we are back to basic again, to bring high quality great products to your door step.
It creates conversation, almost immediately people will ask why kudacart? Whats Kudacart? This name is very easy to remember and it is very additive. Based on our simple research, we never even have once where people forget about the name. They can even mention it again and again without noticing it.
Order from us today, let us ‘kuda’ it to you . Because you deserve the best.

Why do you go into this business?

I always have passion in food. And during this MCO period we don’t have choice but to eat at home, so while sourcing for goods, I think many others like us also deserve to have great food at home. We started with a win win deal with those suppliers supplying to restaurant and hotel which their business is severely impacted and they don’t have any in road to consumer business especially upper market which is our forte.
With my experience in Bloom2u which serves high end client for flowers, gift and decorations, naturally we know our customers well before even we started. We know exactly what they want and how they want it to be - from products, service to pricing. We are very professional and very strong in this area.
To keep our focus and also for customer’s brand recognition, we decided to create a new brand for this fine food products. This is how we created Kudacart.

What products do you sell?

Wagyu Beef and Seafood with be the 2 main products for now. We will slowly but surely go into other area like lamb, chicken and some very good ingredients or even cookware to prepare this fine food. We will continue keep u updated on our progress and latest offering.


We strive to be the most trusted fine food Company in our targeted market that brings people together for all occasions, through our range of great value and fine quality of products.


We diligently source and deliver the highest quality of fine food, passionately serving and nurturing trust amongst our esteemed customers.

Why Kudacart? Our values are:

Quality - To deliver highest product quality in terms of freshness and grades.
Passion - Passion for fine food and passion in serving our customer.
Relationship - To build honest and long lasting relationship with our customers, to understand clearly and deliver their needs.
Growth - To continue to grow our market, products and relationship with our customers, to get the best value to meet our customers expectation.