Where do you get the freshest prawns?
Is there really a freshest prawns in the market today?
Kudacart sea prawns that are caught from the sea are the best. The prawns are then frozen up using the latest fast frozen technology. This fast or instant freezing technology can quickly freeze through with the maximum ice crystal formation zone (-1~-5℃), so as to ensure that the cells of the food are not destroyed and maintain the original freshness and quality of the food.
This is not the same freezing technology as the general household refrigerator at home which wouldn’t be able to keep the prawns too long without fast freezing it first. We also ensure the prawns are keep in this nature without defrosting it, all the way, till we deliver it to our client. As long as it is not defrost, the fast freezing method will maintain the freshness and taste of the prawns for a longer period of time.
The freshest prawns will always be the prawns thats alive but prawns that’s alive is not easily available and not easy to transport around. And it can only maintain the freshness for few days in the normal home freezer. The water is easily contaminated and bacteria can attack the prawns. This will not be good for our health. Most of the prawns in the wet market and supermarket are display and not frozen, the quality will deteriorate very fast. So it not surprisingly then when you cook it, it is no longer fresh.
In summary, the easiest to maintain and accessible, freshest prawns are Kudacart frozen prawns. You will never consider other prawns after you try it once.