USA Pacific Seattle Live Oyster

One Pack of USA Live Pacific Oysters come with 12 pieces of Live Oysters.
Whats is so special about our Live Pacific Oysters?
1️⃣ Imported weekly Live directly from Seattle, USA.
2️⃣ The farm is specialised in shell fish and has been around since 1890.
3️⃣ Healthy and sustainable marine environment, with healthy ecosystem and clean water.
We have limited quantity every week. Order early to avoid disappointment. if we can't provide the stock this week, we will deliver it the week after. The normal delivery time is after lunch on Thursday at the moment.
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The following are some guides on how to shuck and store the oysters once you received it. 

- How to store oyster -
- 60 secs on how to shuck an oyster -
- How to shuck the oyster from the front. -
- Long version on how to shuck an oyster by French Chef -
- How to Shuck an Oyster: The Right Way! -
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help. Enjoy the freshness and juciness of our live oysters.
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